Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Mtc - A Spiritual Awakening

Elder Ronald Earl Hancock and Sister Deanne Jensen Kindt Hancock servants of the the Lord 2010. Going forth to serve.

Ron and Deanne entered the MTC May 31st and left June 16th, 2010. It was an experience of a lifetime which we will never forget. When I think of all the time we wasted doing things that were not all that important in the longterm, we wonder why it took us so long to get here.

This is the front entrance that greated us to a 2 week period of time we will always have fond memories of and of the great people and staff we worked with. We can only say go, go for yourself and find out the great blessing that awaits you there.

The Missionary Training Center (MTC) is a vast coplex of 19 buildings consisting of domitories, classrooms, chapels, cafeteria, gymn, health services offices, book store, a post office and service buildings. The buildings are connected by covered walkways providing shade on a hot summer day or protection from the snow and rain. It is a completely self-serviced small community within the larger community of the Brigham Young University.

On any given day there are between 1700 and 2300 missionaries on site. Most are young elders between 19 and 22 years in age. While the females do not make up a large group, their impact is important and they are well respected. It is thrilling to watch when a young woman sits down at a table all the young men at the table stand up to welcome her and stay standing until she sets down. Bet they don't do this at home. Tonight at the devotional these youn men sang a thrilling standard hymn "Ye Men Of God". It was like listening to Carole Dahl's boys only 200 times more in number. We are very proud of them and their commitment to spreading the gospel. Over 90 different langurages are taught in the MTC, depending upon the need. Next week 113 new mission presidents will be welcomed here.

The gymn at the MTC was a very popular place. The building serves a multiple purpose. On regular week days it served as a workout place for the young and old missionaries to work out. Deanne and I loved to go there and walk around the inside track. The inside track went around the outside of the top of the building. Each round covered 1/10 of a mile and took 2 minutes to complete. At each corner was a workout station with excercise bikes and walkers. On Sundays and during devotionals it served as a place of worship.

Here young missionaries enjoyed a workout at basketball, vollyball, dodge ball or just plain goofing off

The churches would wide Welfare Services and Emloyment Services offices are widely scttered throughout the world. The above map shows a significant presence in many of the developing nations of South America, Africa, and Asia, many countries we never knew we had a strong presence in.

Above are the missionary couples going through the MTC who were going on welfare missions. Four couples were going out as Area Welfare Specialists, some as Employment Services Missionaries and others as Humanitarian Aid Missionaries. They were very special people and we quickly come to love all of them. Their mission areas varied from Canada, Africa, South and Central America and parts of the United States. We felt honored to be numbered among them.

This beautiful painting on a service cooridor wall depicts a pair of missionaries teaching a family the gospel in a far off land. The picture reminds Deanne of her grandmother's conversion to the gospel. Note the woman listening at the window and the young woman standing by the door.listening . Grandma was a maid servant, and "listened at the door" to the message the American missionaries brought. And was converted to the gospel before emigrating to America.
The temple of the Lord is a special scantuary in our lives. Although not as notalgic as the Cardston Temple the Provo Temple has beauty of its own. It's simple lines and beauty is all its own. As a University student at BYU I was my wards fund raising chairman to raise funds to build this structure. Construction started just as I was graduating. So I feel an extra kin to this temple. Cardston is still my favorite. The celestial room is special. It is a quite get away from the world where you can pray and draw closer to the Lord. After we had sat there for a long period of time Deanne said "Are you ready to go back to the real world" My reply was a curt NO!! I was ready to stay the rest of the day. But we had to go back to the real world, which we did.

The Provo Temple is a beautiful sactuary on the side of the mountain surrounded by a garden of large beautiful roses.

We are off and ready to go. Birmingham, Irland and wherever else the Lord calls us to go. After two weeks of training and motivation we are ready to go. The smiles on our faces tell it all.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ron's Family wishes us Bon Voyage

The Cake.

What better way to wish a Bon Voyague than with a British Flag and one that you can eat.

You could say we had our flag, cake and eat it too.

The workmanship was truely amazing. But it was good.

Ron's fathers grave in Kearns Utah. This was memorial day in the U.S. It was a beautiful site. to see. all graves were decorated with flags and flowers.

Ron's dad's grave. He was a Canadian to the end. He never did take out his American citizenship. Ron's mother was an American citizen. The irony is that she (the American) is buried in Magrath Alberta and He (the Canadian) is buried in the United States.

Ron and his sisters Darla (standing) and Carole (sitting) and brother Gordon (sitting). His other brother, Leonard is living in Alabama and couldn't be there.

Gordon and Louise and their family. By numbers they have the largest brood in the Hancock clan and they are sure proud of each one.

Gordon's car show. The first car I bought after I completed high school was a 1949 chec 2 doar hard top similar to this baby. Mine was a salmon color on the bottom with a cream colar leatheret vinal roof and cream color lether bucket seats inside. I was sure proud of that car. Then I did a stupid thing and traded it in for a new 1965 chev Corvair. The Corvair proved to be a lemon from the start.

Ron's sister Carole and her daughter Kathy Dawn. Carole is the family history expert in our family. Every year Carole looks more and more like her mother. My first thought when we went to her home was of Mom.

In the middle is Ron's sister Darla with husband Frank behind her. Darla is fortune to have all her kids but Frankie live near by. Frankie lives in California where he just become the proud dad of a new baby boy. Darla is the quilter in the family.

For an activity the children beat up a pinata to recover its loot. This is the rewards for a excellent campain. Well done kids.

Ron's sisters Carole and Darla.

We love them both.

Behind are their grandkids playing crocket.

Cousin: Mary and Don Phillips. Two special people in our lives and a major influence in keeping our Hancock family Reunions active.

Mary and Don hope to be the next couple in the family to embark on a mission. Good luck Mary and Don.

Bless you Mary. We love you and thankyou for your support.

Master Cheif Gordon served up a great bargeque.

Thanks Gordon. Lord bless you.

While in Utah it is always a great treat to attend an antique car show with Gordon.

This is a 1965 Chev Corvair.

The first new car I ever bought was a 1965 Corvair. I truely was the worse car I ever owned. Had the air cooled motor in the rear like a beatle but not a good idea in this car. The motor leaked oil on the manifold right from the start and the heater came from the manifold. The car always smelled and was always needing repairs. During my last year at university the starter went out and I had to get it pushed to start. We made sure it was parked on the hill so we could get a good roll to start it. I traded it in for a 1967 Ford Cortina. It was an economical car but did not like Canadian winters when we returned to Canada.

Gordon and Louis's hobby is antique cars. On most weekends in the summer they are off to a car show somewhere in the intermountain region. Gordon is the president of the local club. This is a picture of his prize posession a Ford Galaxie. This car dose not see much stormy weather and is cleaner than the family car.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Salt Lake City here we come

May 23rd, 2010
Today we left for Salt Lake City with Debra, Elodie and Shawni.

The view from the top of the conference centre is fantastic. Shawni's smile would melt anyone.

The backdrop of the temple makes a perfect setting. From here you can see the world.

The top of the conference centre is truely an oasis of beauty.

Shawni, like a princes standing on a pedestal in front of the temple.

One spoiled pooch. He sat there without the least bit of desire to climb out. I would love to be her dog. I'll bet the real kids were not treated so royaly.

A prince on his throne. I guess he knows where his bread and butter comes from.

Deanne and her girls in front of the Temple of God

What would a visit to Salt Lake City be without a visit to the Salt Lake Temple. It took 40 years to build this great edifest.

How we got here

Families are for ever. Without them what would we be.
Without the support of our children and extended
family we could not have embarked on this

A few of our family and freinds who came to
see us off on our mission.

January 17, 2010

Handed in our mission papers to Bishop Duce, Raymond 1st Ward

February 3rd, 2010

Ron and deanne are set appart as temple ordinance workers in Cardston Alberta Temple.

February 24th, 2010

Ron & Deanne are interviewed by Stake President Carlos Jensen

April 7th, 2010

Mission call papers arrive by mail from Salt Lake City advising usthat we called to serve in the England Birmingham Mission with specific assignment as Area Welfare Services Specialists serving in the Solihull Area Welfare Services Centre. We are to enter the MTC at Provo Utah on May 31st and leave for Birmingham on June 14th.

May 16th, 2010

Our missionary farewell. We spoke in Sacrament Meeting at the Raymond 1st Ward followed by a Family Dinner at Elodie's. All of our children but Joe and Duane and all of Deanne's sisters but Zelma were present. Over 65 people were present for the family dinner. It was gradifying to see them and know they supported us.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

This blog was created by Ron and Deanne Hancock to provide a permanent site where they can record their mission experiences in the England Solihull Welfare Services Area for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints for our children and friends. We hope each of our children will read it and stay connected to us and the Lord as we progress through our mission. We will post pictures and progress descriptions of each of the major events and experiences in our lives and theirs. We invite all to read and provide us with feedback whenever possible.